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War Thunder Aimjunkies Cracked T

 . . to all the other games that don't use Steam) is based on the Cold War air combat of the 1950s, so it is time we were based on the realities of that era. As we know, the former Warsaw Pact countries were officially neutral, although the Soviet Union saw them as an annoyance (and a risk) to the whole communist system. This caused them to set up numerous air bases in the area. The American Air Force started to do the same, especially in Europe, to which many of their planes had to fly. The Soviet Union wasn't too happy with this, considering it was a lot of money, and so they started to harass the U.S. every time a new base was opened. This was bad for the Soviets, as they were losing pilots, and losing planes in the process. Many of their planes were shot down by the Americans, so they had to close those bases, which was part of the reason for the Berlin Crisis of 1948-49. The Soviet Union started to close down the bases, but the U.S. didn't really care, as their pilots had enough of them. This lasted a few years, until the Berlin Air Lift in 1949, when the U.S. started to build many bases in the area, because they were getting worried about the Soviets. Now, the Soviets couldn't stop the U.S. from building as many bases as they wanted, so they began to harass them. The U.S. still had plenty of planes, so they could keep building bases, and keep bombing them. This also didn't work for the Soviets, because they had to start to take their planes away from the ground, so they could stop them from getting hit, while the U.S. still had a lot of planes to use. All of this is the background for the Cold War and why the Russians and Americans had such an awesome air war going on, one which you, as a pilot, can take part in. To keep this going, we're going to need to add a few things. We're going to be starting out with air bases, because they're what started this war, but we're also going to add planes, and various other things that will make this war as realistic as possible. We've already started working on all of this, but what will really make this war different from the rest is that you can choose to fight on one of the sides. We're going to be basing this on

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